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Oconee Creative Studio

Oconee Creative Studio Oconee Creative Studio

Creating Eye-Catching Images for Personal Brands & Businesses

Oconee Creative Studio

About Us

Increase Brand Awareness

Oconee Creative Studio is here to help small business owners and personal brands capture their visual identity in a relevant, consistent, and creative fashion.

We are here to guide you in planning the best way to showcase your brand through photography and video. We create content for campaigns both ongoing and as-needed.

Enhance Your Digital Presence

Your images should enhance your brand presence. With a goal to remain affordable for businesses of all sizes from individuals to larger companies, OCS will help you identify the ideal way to stand out, reach your target audience, and maximize your online potential through imagery that highlights your intended messaging and stays true to your brand!

Reveal What Sets You Apart

The founder of OCS, Lisa Schueneman, has over ten years experience as a Professional Photographer and a background in Marketing, Account Management, and Video Production. She has combined her unique skill sets and streamlined her focus to help you be successful and keep the content creation side of running a business simple and fun!