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Codee Rainey Designs

Codee Rainey Designs

Codee Rainey Designs

Since we are a private studio,
consultations are by appointment only.​
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When they say “It takes a village” – they aren’t lying, ya’ll.
While my company is called Codee Rainey Interiors, the work will always reflect the talent of those around me. My family, fellow designers, tradesmen and vendors all play a crucial role in the project results. My studio is located in our new home (Pearl Moon Project) in Eatonton, Georgia and service the surrounding areas.

I am so fortunate for the opportunity to transform homes in the community that I love. As a mother of two, I made peace with the fact that there will always be scattered toys and dirty floors. I have found though, that when I absolutely love the space I am in, the mess isn’t quite as stressful. I firmly believe that there is a perfect balance between pretty and practical for every home. My hope is to leave each client with an overwhelming feeling of both pride and comfort when they open their front door.

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